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  • AWS Network Optimization Whitepaper


    The cloud has allowed NetDevOps to develop and deploy services and applications with an unprecedented speed, cost and flexibility.

    Often though cloud customers have limited visibility into the performance of their cloud services from a networking perspective, e.g. internet latency, congestion, packet loss and bandwidth availability.

    These network performance metrics are crucial in determining the end user QOS (Quality of service).

    Datapath.io provides NetDevOps end to end visibility into Network performance and the ability to create rules to reduce network latency, optimize bandwith and reduce cost.

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  • Content Delivery Network Optimization Whitepaper


    In this Whitepaper, you will find the information needed to Optimize traffic with the use of a Content Delivery Network (CDN).

    The following information is highly relevant to customers who are currently utilizing a CDN, who need to lower latency of dynamic content to the end user or lower the cost of traffic out of AWS. We will discuss the business problems, as well as the current solutions to each of these issues in depth.

    After reading this Whitepaper, you will learn:

    • How to optimize content delivery

    • How to lower transit costs

    • How to bridge the integration gap between Amazon Web Services and a Content Delivery Network.

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  • DevOps Networking Terms eBook


    The purpose of this Ebook is to provide a comprehensive overview of terms related to network monitoring for DevOps.

    These are terms that will guide you through a deep understanding of how traffic moves through the Internet.

    The Ebook is designed to be used as a reference quide. Providing clarification to terms as the need arrises.

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  • AdTech Optimization Whitepaper


    The Adtech industry faces the twin challenges of a strict time constraint on the RTB bidding process as well as high transit costs.

    All communications in the RTB process take place through the Hyper Text Transfer protocol (http) which adds to the weight of the RTB protocol, which itself is a text based protocol and can be heavy without compression.

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  • eCommerce Conversion Optimization Whitepaper


    eCommerce businesses are suffering a loss in revenue due to poor performing websites.

    By improving your Internet speed, a 50% reduction in network latency can result in a 2.5 second reduction in page load times.

    In this Whitepaper we are going to discuss the effects of website and network performance on an eCommerce business.

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  • Anycast Routing Whitepaper


    The explosive growth of the internet has resulted in services that require a high level of availability, failover and scalability.

    These services because of their high availability and failover requirements place more rigorous demands on the infrastructure which they rely on.

    Anycast routing is one method using which these high availability and uptime demands can be met.

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  • Online Gaming Network Performance


    Online gaming currently, and will continue to, face many challenges. As more internet users come online and play online games, there will become a strain on resources. Both for internet capacity, and how game developers build out game and network infrastructure. 

    With the Datapath.io solution, you now have control over your internet connection. Datapath.io will find the fastest network routes for your data. No longer are you subject to just the shortest logical distance.

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  • Network Automation Whitepaper


    Network automation is about being more efficient, making fewer mistakes, and making the networking professionals life easier.

    Network automation is now possible. Hardware and cultural shifts to automation are making the conversation possible. At Datapath.io, we advocate for network automation. We see the reduction of errors, greater efficiency, and a faster Internet are what network automation can bring. 

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