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  • Online Gaming Use Case


    Delays of a 100 ms can degrade gameplay to an extent where it is unplayable. Reducing latency and packet loss are essential to ensure fluid and responsive online gameplay.

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  • eCommerce Use Case


    Optimizing network latency can significantly improve the performance of your eCommerce site. By decreasing the time it takes data to travel, significant decreases in load speads can be acheived.

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  • Content Delivery Network Optimization Use Case


    Datapath.io will transport dynamic content in conjunction with the use of your content delivery network to lower latency and transit costs.

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  • Video Streaming Use Case

    Video Streaming

    81% of Internet users abandon a video if it does not play immediately.

    Network performance is imperative to your video streaming user experience.

    With the Datapath.io solution you can improve your network performance upwards of 60%. This improvement allows you to avoid sending your video traffic over congested network routes. Let Datapath.io find you the fastest performing routes.

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  • AdTech Use Case


    Datapath.io allows Adtech companies to choose optimized network routes with the lowest transit cost within the latency constraint of the RTB process.

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