Automating Network Performance Optimization.
The NetDevOps approach.

Worldwide, we scan all 600K internet routes. This is real time performance monitoring.

Network Latency map provides NetDevOps unprecedented visibility into network performance. probes over 600,000 network prefixes for network performance attributes, specifically network latency. All the data is aggregated into the map, which shows real-time global network latency.

Using the network latency map, websites and applications can monitor their network latency to end users.


Map Features

The map allows you to:

  • See network latency measurements across different cloud and hosting providers.
  • Network latency over the default Amazon Web Service (AWS) routes, as well as other transit providers.
  • IP level visibility into network latency.
  • Drill down into individual regions, countries and cities to see network latency.

Check out the network latency map from

Track latency, bandwidth and monthly spending in real time.

Once data related to network performance attributes including latency, packet loss and bandwidth is collected it is then analyzed to compute optimized network routes based on predefined network performance optimization rules.

Continously monitor your network performance and create or update performance rules as necessary.

Rules can be defined in a matter of seconds in the customer backend.


The customer backend allows NetDevOps to continously monitor the progress of network performance rules.

  • Keep track of both upstream and downstream network traffic.
  • Keep track of latency improvements to end users
  • Keep track of performance improvements and print them out for management

Check out the network latency map from

Complete control allows you to define your traffic requirements.

Network Route Optimization

Network routing policies have a large impact on network performance. They determine which path Internet traffic takes through the network. Different network routes have different performance attributes, and using one at the expense of another can result in divergent network performance. re-engineers BGP and over-rides traditional BGP network routes in favor of more optimized network paths with better performance.

Minimize Transit Cost lowers traffic costs by routing network traffic through the least expensive network paths. Once a network latency constraint is chosen, scans all possible network routes within that latency requirement, and routes network traffic through the ones with the lowest cost.

Bandwidth Optimization allows network engineers to optimize bandwidth usage by creating rules to select network routes based on their specific bandwidth requirements.


Reduce Network Latency is uniquely suited for service providers offering transactional or time sensitive online services. Network latency is a huge concern for all web services including Adtech, online gaming, VOIP providers, real time video streaming and eCommerce. We track network latency in all network prefixes, and help you reach end users over the fastest Internet routes with the lowest network latency.

Reduce Packet Loss

Reduce network jitter and packet loss to negligible levels. actively probes all network prefixes for availability and packet loss, allowing you to intelligently select the best routes for large data transfers.

Avoid Network Congestion

Network congestion is a natural by-product of the current routing policies of the Internet. tracks network congestion in all prefixes, and actively avoids those network paths while routing traffic through the Internet.

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