Software as a Service. Your platform for route optimization.

Direct to User

Decrease latency by 60%

By scanning 600,000+ internet prefixes, we provide the best route for latency optimization. Decrease your latency up to 60%.

Hack your BGP

Your BGP currently selects the shortest logical route to the end user. will override this default, providing an optimized route based upon latency, bandwidth, and cost.

Infrastructure as a Service – IaaS

With a direct physical connection to the AWS infrastructure in Frankfurt, Ireland, and Ashburn, VA, we provide the tools necessary to determine the best route for your traffic. Routing - Shortest vs. Fastest path Routing - CDN optimization

Optimize Your CDN

Optimize traffic to your CDN

If you are working with a CDN, we will optimize your traffic from AWS to your CDN.

Dynamic content optimization

Dynamic content updates are the problem. Optimizing traffic to your CDN will decrease this latency and improve performance.

What are your parameters?

Optimize your CDN traffic based upon latency, bandwidth, or cost. The choice is yours.

Your subscription.
All the necessary tools for traffic optimization.

Traffic Optimization

Traffic Optimization

Whether directing traffic to end users or your CDN, will provide the best route.

Route Customization

Route Customization

Your traffic is routed to best suit your business requirements. Whether optimizing for latency, bandwidth, or cost, you choose your custom route.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

No need to change anything. We integrate with your current AWS infrastructure.

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