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Datapath.io is changing the speed of the internet. Think it’s fast now?
Wait till we’re done with it.

We are graduates of the TechStars 2015 class
in Berlin and Venture Capital backed.
We are located in the heart of Mainz, Germany along the Rhein River. Our mission is to make the internet a faster place.

On Wednesdays, you can find us testing our tolerance for spicy food at a little thing we like to call “Mettwoch”. This helps keep the creative juices flowing.

Meet the Founders.
Building the foundation for faster Internet.

Sebastian Spies (CEO) is a networking and border gateway protocol (BGP) expert. Experience with NIST and DE-CIX provided the necessary knowledge to develop Datapath.io.

Sascha Coldewey (COO) is a serial entrepreneur in the eCommerce space. Having two successful Startups prior to Datapath.io.

Meet the team

Join the Datapath.io team.
We are passionate about faster Internet.

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